Services Offered — What I DO

Play therapy offers children a safe and non direct approach to treatment.  Through puppet play, sand play and drawing children can be given the opportunity to work through trauma, anxiety or other related symptoms they may be experiencing.

Play Therapy for Children

Individual counseling offers you a therapeutic environment where you can focus on resolving individual issues and healing.  If you wish to gain greater understanding and insight I can guide you in this search.  I work with your life synchronicities and dreams to develop all aspects of your personality.  

Individual Counseling

Approaches I use are psychodynamic including working with DREAMS and life synchronicities. Therapy will involve psycho-spiritual strategies/interventions to help develop individual insights.  Broadening insight helps families and couples understand themselves and others, allowing for a more dynamic relationship.



The groups offered work with dreams, myths and life synchronicities in an effort to assist individuals into developing all aspects of the personality. The group focus is broad and can help individuals with anger, depression  and other unresolved issues.


Groups are offered in the Southern Minneapolis area as well as in Faribault.

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